A little bit about me...

Thomas Vo is proud to uphold his family’s legacy of 50 years as property investors. From gaining experience rehabbing family rentals and personal properties to growing his own portfolio of real estate investments, Thomas is an expert at helping his clients turn any real estate dream into a reality.

A native of San Jose, Thomas has seen the growth and transformation of the local area, including the increase in housing inequality. A licensed agent since 2000, Thomas values all aspects of real estate and is driven by his passion for helping people make informed property decisions that have a positive impact on their futures.

In addition to his analytical nature and sharp attention to detail, Thomas brings his team of the best licensed contractors in the business to serve the homebuyers and sellers of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties. Whether he’s helping first-time homebuyers establish their roots or teaching existing homeowners how to become successful investors, Thomas thrives at setting his clients up for success in managing their greatest investment.

Thomas is working on a new commercial land acquisition project and is excited about expanding his business into commercial ventures. Away from real estate, he is devoted to his charity work with homeless people — a passion he has maintained since college. An art enthusiast, Thomas is board president for Chopsticks Alley Art. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, biking, running, hiking, playing tennis, and going fishing.