Willow Glen, San Jose

The borders of Willow Glen, which has a rich historic background, are formed by Curtner Avenue, Los Gatos Creek Avenue, Coe Avenue and the Guadalupe River. HomeSONY DSCs are great examples of Spanish and Victorian architectural styles, many built in the 1920s and 1930s. Single-family homes dominate the area, but apartments are available as well. In the past year median home values have increased nearly 8% to approximately $895,000, with projections indicating a 4.3% increase throughout the following year. While this is the median value, the average home only sells for between $775,000 and $800,000. These numbers represent the continuation of a rise in prices from the low of the last decade experienced in 2012, which was around $623,000.

Located just three miles southwest of San Jose’s downtown, all the fun and nightlife to be had there can be conveniently accessed by Willow Glen residents. The downtown area of Willow Glen, however, is popular in its own right, located between Minnesota Avenue and Willow Street on Lincoln Avenue. Willow Glen is a trendy neighborhood that maintains its uniqueness, in one regard, by maintaining an independent spirit amongst the community. Chain businesses are largely rejected in favor of local small businesses, including two of the few independent bookstores still open in Silicon Valley, massage parlors, the Treasure Chest Aquarium, several salons and studios for yoga and pilates. In fact, the historic electric street car, which brought residents from Willow Glen into downtown San Jose, is still in operation today as a cable car.

Willow Glen does not have much green space within its borders in terms of total area, but there are many small parks that provide outdoor respites to residents throughout the neighborhood, including Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park, River Glen Park, Wilcox Park and Wallenberg Park. Some feature green spaces with walking paths, while others include playgrounds, sports courts and picnic areas. The neighborhood also contains a number of schools, both public and private. Elementary schools include Galarza, Blackford, and Valley Christian; the River Glen School is an elementary and middle school; Willow Glen Middle is the only formal intermediate school in the neighborhood, and Del Mar High School is the only high school in the area.