West Los Gatos

Los Gatos backs up to the Sierra Azul mountain range, split into east and west sides by State Route 17. West Los Gatos expands only a short distance beyond the West Valley Freeway. The western boundaries of West Los Gatos, which is L-shaped, are Quito Road and approximately Daves Creek. When it comes to living in West Los Gatos, the first question that springs to the minds of most buyers is: “How is West Los Gatos different from its eastern counterpart?”

This is a good question, but the two halves are not very different in regards to the fundamentals. They both contain highly rated schools, though most are located in East Los Gatos. For example, West Los Gatos conLG7tains Capri Elementary and Daves Avenue Elementary. Both offer incredible access to natural beauty of virtually limitless proportions through not just the Sierra Azul mountain range in the area’s backyard, but the St. Joseph’s Hill Open Space Preserve on the east side, and the El Sereno Open Space Preserve on the west side. However, without traveling beyond the borders of the community, the west side arguably wins in regards to access to natural beauty because of the inclusion of the Vascona Lake County Park, set off by the Los Gatos Creek and the Vasona Reservoir.

The Vasona Lake County Park is often considered the sibling park to the Los Gatos Creek County Park, located just north across the West Valley Freeway. West Los Gatos residents enjoy the 45 sprawling acres of lawn, an ideal setting for favorite activities like soccer and frisbee, in addition to row boats and paddle boats in the reservoir. Blue Gill, Black Bass and Catfish can also be caught in the reservoir. When hiking is preferred, the park conveniently connects its north end to the Viola Anderson Native Plant Trail. However, the park goes a step further in providing for residents by offering The Youth Science Institute, which fosters an interest in nature and science for young students.

West Los Gatos also stands out for containing the majority of dining establishments in Los Gatos, which are closely connected to the wealth of Monte Sereno. Fine cuisine of traditional origins, yet global variety, defines these restaurants, including the comfort food of Willow Street Wood-Fired Pizza, the refined California fare of Plumed Hors, Hong’s Gourmet cross-regional Chinese dishes, and the Italian comfort food of Florentine Trattoria, amongst many others.