Vasona Junction

Vasona Junction, a desirable neighborhood that lies across East and West Los Gatos, is bordered by Knowles Drive to the north, Los Gatos Creek to the east and Winchester Boulevard / Lark Avenue to the west and south. The obviously unique part of living in Vasona Junction is that it is just north of Vasona Park and reservoir, previously called Vasona Lake County Park. Home prices in Vasona Junction range from approximately $1,000,000 to $3,000,000, with the median home value at $1,116,000. Most of the homes consist of small and medium-sized singe-family homes, while apartments — complexes and high-rise buildings — as well as townhomes are also available.

Vasona Park offers a lot to Vasona Junction residents — recreation, history and education. Besides the walking paths and expansive lawns perfect for outdoor activities, the reservoir permits recreational boating for novl_vasonan-powered craft. For example, residents can enjoy an afternoon sailing trip across the reservoir, or they can make their way slowly around the reservoir in one of the many supplied paddle boats. History is a part of the park in that it was always seen as a hallmark of the Los Gatos parcel of land; in fact, the first structure in the area, an adobe house, was built within Vasona Park. Education is a part of Vasona Park because of the inclusion of the Vasona Science and Nature Center, run by the Youth Science Institute. It was opened in 1980 and focuses on programs for science and summer camp, usually after school, which allow students to take advantage of experiencing animals from the Guadalupe Watershed region and plant life from the native plant trail.

Vasona Junction is also unique because is is surrounded on one side by medical facilities, creating a huge amount of convenience for residents who require these services on a regular basis, or want to live next to these facilities for safety. For example, to the east is the Good Samaritan Hospital. Parents looking to live in Vasona Junction will be happy to know that this hospital has a dedicated urban care unit for children, which ensures quick, quality care is always available. To the northeast is the Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, specializing in transplant and disease management services. To the north of Vasona Junction is a variety of medical services that truly round out the offerings just outside the perimeter of the neighborhood, centered around South Bay Children’s Urgent Care and the Los Gatos El Camino Hospital.