The Almond Grove

The Almond Grove is a quaint neighborhood in Los Gatos flanked to the northern and eastern sides by Saratoga Los Gatos Road and North Saratoga Cruz Avenue. This neighborhood is unique because it’s arguably the most popular area for historic architecture, which is saying a lot in Los Gatos because historic homes are everywhere. Victorian architecture is the most prominent, but the landscape is varied with elements of Tudor, Craftsman, Ranch, and Mediter20130901_150316ranean/Spanish. Many of the homes are remodels or expansions from the seeds of smaller original homes; because of the historic nature of the area, great attention must be paid to the detail of expanded structures in order to maintain the same feel of Almond Grove. This means that no matter how this idyllic neighborhood — a step back in time — changes, you’ll never see an out of place home on the block. Most homeowners in fact maintain the original front, then simply add the space to accommodate their families to the back of the house, so that the scale of the homes does not visibly change much to passersby.

Almond Grove is also treasured for its proximity to Downtown Los Gatos. The number of establishments in this area is certainly too many to list in full, but they include shops, bars, entertainment establishments like theatres, coffee houses and of course many, many restaurants. Dining choices range from fine traditional options like Manresa and the Forbes Mill Steakhouse, to more relaxed venues like the Los Gatos Cafe and Willow Street Wood-Fired Pizza. The Three Degrees Restaurant & Bar, and the Cin-Cin Wine Bar are just a few places to grab your favorite drink as well. Stop by the Amour d’Art Gallery or JCO’S to take in local art, or visit Number One Broadway to enjoy live music — these are just two of the entertainment options within walking distance of Almond Grove. When residents are looking to enjoy nature, rather than what the downtown area has to offer, the Town Plaza and Bachman Park provide two convenient solutions.

However, the appeal of Almond Grove goes far beyond just architecture and quick access to the fun of downtown Los Gatos. After all, we spend most of our time in our neighborhoods, and if the community is not friendly we won’t get much out of it. Thankfully, Almond Grove is full of very interconnected neighbors. Houses are placed close together and lots of socialization occurs that keeps members of this community close. For example, on Halloween the entire neighborhood gets involved and residents truly are able to enjoy one another’s company, even preparing for the event far ahead of schedule in September. This, in turn, provides a great environment for children as well, who will always find the neighborhood interesting and engaging.

Monte Sereno