St. Francis Acres

HMC_St Francis2St. Francis Acres is a small triangle with borders of West El Camino Real to the north, Visa Grande Avenue to the south, and North Springer road to the west. There are no parks, schools or shopping centers within this community due to its size, but McKelvey Ball Park is located next door to the east. It features a Little League field, the Babe Ruth Field, restrooms and snack shacks — truly living up to its name. Parents with children interested in baseball will love this convenient and extensive outlet for the sport. Both baseball fields also have bleacher seating so parents can fully enjoy watching the games as well.

The St. Francis neighborhood is known for being tight-knit, the kind of community where you know who lives in each house. The area is also very family-friendly, with many children out and about playing, and many parents watching over them as they do so. At the same time, the neighborhood is quiet and the streets are lined with beautiful trees, instilling the idea that the community is quite idyllic.

When it comes to shopping around St. Francis Acres, West Camino Real is a long hub of endless options that happens to be incredibly convenient as well, and the provider of easy access to both the Southbay and Stevens Creek Freeways. However, the huge hub of shopping formed by the Mountain View Shopping Center, Grant Park Plaza and the Southwood Shopping Center is perhaps most notable as far as convenience. Everything from Marshalls, to Walgreens, two asian markets, a Nob Hill grocery store and even a violin shop, amongst many other service and product providers.

Parents who prefer public and private education have plenty of schools to choose from in St. Francis Acres. Regarding the latter, St. Francis High, St. Joseph Catholic and Canterbury Christian are the local schools; and, when it comes to the former, Los Altos High, Springer Elementary and Egan Junior High schools serve the area.