What does S.N.A.I.L. stand for? Sunnyvale Neighbors of Arbor Including La Linda. This beautiful neighborhood is made up of approximately 1,500 homes bordered by Fair Oakes, Maude and Mathilda Avenues, not to mention Highway 101. You can tell from the name alone that this is a tight-knit community, perfect for those looking to put down roots. In fact, this community states that its mission is to give back that old fashioned feel to the neighborhood, which incluYourGroupWillLoveSunnyvaleGALdes being united and informed about city services. Each month the community holds a meeting in the Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge.

Right in the middle of the community is Columbia Park. For it’s tiny size, it certainly offers a lot: two tennis courts, a playground, an oval-shaped walking path around a beautiful grassy expanse, a baseball diamond, soccer field, and even four basketball courts. Just outside the community’s southeastern edge is Fair Oaks Park, substantially larger than Columbia Park and one which is connected to the King’s Academy, a Christ-centered college prep school for grades 6-12. It features a baseball diamond and a softball field.

Other schools located within this community include Columbia Middle School and Fairoaks Elementary. As a result, the neighborhood of S.N.A.I.L. is very well-suited for families. Quick and convenient dining options are located on North Mathilda Avenue and North Fair Oaks Avenue, options like Hobee’s Restaurant, featuring homespun and health-minded fare; Pizza Hut; Kal’s BBQ; Le Boulanger; Savor Mexican Food; Rene Rose Island Cuisine, a humble place for classic Filipino food; Agape Grill, featuring great Greek cuisine; and Sri Ananda Bhaven for lovers of vegetarian Indian food.

This community is also unique because instead of having large hubs of shopping in the area, stores are spread out through the neighborhood and surrounding community — everything from Macy’s to Target to the second hand shop Nearly New Shop. And when you are looking for something to do, the Sunnyvale Golf Course, complete with pro shop and driving range, is only a short drive down the Bayshore Expressway at the intersection of the Southbay Freeway.