Shoreline West

The Mountain View Community of Shoreline West is situated between West El Camino Real to the south, the Central Expressway to the north, South Shoreline Boulevard to the east and Escuela Avenue to the west. Inside the community, on its western side, is the Mariano Castro Elementary School, beside which is Castro Park. The park is small, but it’s got a big central area for sports like soccer, as well as a playground. The convenience of having these two areas right inside the Shoreline West community is very beneficial for families with children attending school through gWindsurade five.

Just a few of the streets within this community include Mercy Street, Latham Street and Snow Street, in addition to Higdon Avenue, Toft Street and Mariposa Avenue. Besides Mariano Castro Elementary, the area is also served by Graham Middle and Los Altos High Schools. The community stands out for its diversity of residents in regards to socio economic level, age and ethnicity, as well as being located a short distance from the many Google buildings that make up its headquarters. However, the people are not the only varying factor of this neighborhood, because so too do the homes range in architectural style and type, from apartments to duplexes to single-family Victorian homes, to craftsman handiwork. If you are looking for a small-town feel in Silicon Valley, you’ll find it in Shoreline West.

Residents enjoy shopping at Escuela Avenue at El Camino Real, the California Street Market and in Downtown Mountain View. The most unique of these is arguably the California Street Market, both because of its character and its convenient location right in the heart of the Shoreline West community. It features many types of Mexican fare — from tamales, to panela, to tortillas, chorizo and more — is well-organized and full of friendly staff.