Bachman Park from Bachman Avenue 400Shannon Valley Ranch is an East Los Gatos community located south of Belgatos Park and the Heintz Open Space area. For those looking for large homes and lots with a rural feel, it’s difficult to do any better in Los Gatos than this area. Hills, and the accordingly spectacular views, abound. Homes in this area range in price from under $1,000,000 to several million each, with most costing at least $1,000,000. Most of the larger lots are located to the south, while the smaller lots tend to be clustered north, up against the boundary of the Belgatos Park. The prices are not surprising when you consider the median household income of Shannon hovers around $150,000, roughly $30,000 more than the Los Gatos median household income.

The unique characteristic of this community is the unspoiled natural beauty in every direction. Like other ranches in the area, this community was born out of a ranch which bred horses — in fact, there are even still many residents who ride horses through the trails here. The community was master planned in 2002 to include 13 homes spanning 80 acres, making the community extremely exclusive.

Types of homes include cottages, restored from their historic originals, and mansions to custom homes. In fact, home prices can exceed $8M in some cases. In general, the size of homes in the area range from 4,300 square feet to 4,800 square feet. Greenbriar developed 13 custom homes in the area which stand out due to their incredibly detailed craftsmanship.

Although Shannon feels far removed from the traditional suburbs and urban areas of Los Gatos, it is only a short drive from the Almaden Expressway, which features a number of dining and shopping establishments for residents. Likewise, the community is virtually equidistant from the same provisions on Los Gatos Boulevard. For families looking for a rural retreat, the convenience of nearby public and private schools does not need to be compromised either, with private schools located a short drive north — closer, in fact, than public institutions — and public schools located shortly west along Blossom Hill Road and Los Gatos Boulevard.

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