Old Mountain View

Old Mountain View was incorporated in 1902, its borders consisting of the West Valley Freeway to the east, West El Camino Real to the south, South Shoreline Boulevard to the west, and the Central Expressway to the north. Certainly these borders are a big reason why residents love this neighborhood, with such easy access to three of the most essential thoroughfares in the surrounding area.

Another element that makes Old Mountain View unique is the high number of parks within its borders: Dana Park, Pioneer Memorial Park, Eagle Park, Mercy-Bush Park and Fairmount Park. With that many parks, there is a style for every resident preference. Fairmont and Dana are small, simple parks ideal for a short stroll or afternoon read; Pioneer Memorial has quaint green spaces highlighted with paths and benches; Eagle Park is a grassy field with an outdoor pool and playground; finally, Mercy-Bush Park is a small neighborhood park complete with swing sets for families. old-mill-shopping-center-mountain-view-ca-1977

Old Mountain View is served by three public schools: Landels Elementary, Graham Middle and Mountain View High. Only Edith Landels is located within the community itself, while Mountain View High is a short drive south along the Stevens Creek Freeway; Graham Middle is closer, just across El Camino Real off Castro Street. Next to it is Graham School Park.

Shopping and dining in the area can be best had at Grant Park Plaza, or simply downtown Mountain View. The plaza features Rite Aide, Erik’s Deli, Radio Shack, West Coast Martial Arts, Massage Envy, Lucky’s Chinese Food, Nob Hill, a water store, and an optometrist. For those interested, the plaza also has a 99 Ranch Market which specializes in Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese prepared foods and ingredients.