North Whisman

North Whisman is a community built on convenience, its northern and western borders formed by the intersection of the Bayshore and West Valley Freeways. That said, the Southbay Freeway isn’t far off either to the east. To the west of the community is Weisman School Park, an outcrop of the Stevens Creek Trail which runs along the western border of the community.Afternoon Calm

Now, while the trail is long and a lot of communities in Mountain View border it, North Whisman is lucky enough to be located near a large portion which has trails that move not just north and south, but east and west into a large area along the community. Residents also enjoy views of the nearby mountains and visiting the small but well developed Devonshire Park off the avenue of the same name, which features a generous grassy area and a large playground for children.

Preschools, childcare providers, private schools and public schools serve the area. These include Mountain View High School, Crittenden Middle School, and Mona Loma, Landels and Huff Elementaries, as well as the German International School of Silicon Valley, Kiddie Academy and the NASA Ames Child Care Center.  Because the area is surrounded by particular expressways, it is not close to any hubs of shopping or dining.