North Valley, San Jose

The North Valley of San Jose is also known as Berryessa. Interstate 880 makes up its western border, the Diablo Range foothills its eastern border, Landess Avenue its northern border and Alum Rock Park its southern border. The Berryessa name originates from the first family who lived in the area, named Berreyesa, who established Rancho Milpitas in 1834. This middle-class suburban community is populated by single-family homes full of a diverse population ranging from Caucasians to Vietnamese and Chinese, Hispanics and filipinos. The median price of a home in this area is $447,500; while single-family homes are the most common, estate-style homes are also located along the foothills, priTownsend-Park-North-Valley-Jan-1-2014zed for their views of San Jose and relative affordability compared to other prime areas in Santa Clara County.

Besides being located near the foothills of the Diablo Range, the North Valley is unique for its southern border, Alum Rock Park. As if this were not enough natural beauty and outdoor entertainment, the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve and the Blue Oak Ranch Reserve are also located side-by-side to the south of Alum Rock Park, so close in fact that each is interconnected. Alum Rock Park features the partially developed Penitencia Creek Trail. 740 acres make up the park, putting on display the local rugged beauty and attracting picnickers, bicyclists, joggers and hikers from far and wide.

The annual Art & Wine Festival in the North Valley also sets the area apart, and it has occurred for 30-plus years. It features nearly 200 artist booths spread out across Penitencia Creek Park, with 14 food booths provided by North Valley non-profits; in addition, a stage is provided for professional and amateur entertainers to put on live shows. Non-profits don’t just participate in providing food, they also have booths to teach locals about their causes.