Monte Sereno

Are you looking for exclusivity in Santa Clara Valley? Well, Monte Sereno is best neighborhood of all. With just 1,211 homes and approximately 3,500 residents, this community is the smallest in the Valley as well. Nearly every home wouldn’t sell for less than $1,000,000, and this great valuation comes despite the lack of shops, strip malls or downtown area. In fact, this is why this area is so sought-after — the residents truly want privacy and exclusivity. The half-acre lots of this neighborhood are unadorned: no streetlights of sidewalks.

With so much space, and homes so sprawling, Monte Sereno residents can tailor their homes to contain the amenities residents of other neighborhoods can only afford to share. Tennis courts are a great example — why wait for a court to open when your private court is always waiting? For those who have truly reached the upper echelons of wealth, this escape in the mountains, which still lies within the boundaries of Silicon Valley, is all that will do. The borders of this premium neighborhood are very scattered, but the area is divided by Los Gatos Saratoga Road and it stretches roughly between Bucknell Road to the north and Greenwood Lane to the south; approximate eastern and western borders are Winchester Boulevard and Quito Road.

02At the eastern and western ends of the neighborhood, shortly down Saratoga Los Gatos Road, are two hubs of dining. Moving through the list of these establishments makes it clear that Monte Sereno is an affluent area: Manresa prepares high-end New American tasting menus, the Forbes Mill Steakhouse provides prime steaks in a stylish surrounding, Katsu Los Gatos is an upscale sushi and steakhouse establishment, and two wine bars — Cin-Cin and Wine Cellar — offer the type of selection that suits the palates of local residents, with delicious appetizers to compliment. Now, for the western hub: Bella Saratoga offers classic italian cooking in the unique venue of a Victorian home, and La Mere Michelle provides traditional french dining, while Hachi Ju Hachi dishes out traditional Japanese cuisine, the Basin delivers upscale American dining and Casa De Cobre cooks up regional Mexican cuisine with a refined twist. The dining trend of the area is clear: cuisine for residents who know the fundamentals of good food.

When it comes to shopping in Monte Sereno, as stated before, there is only one viable option just outside the neighborhood — the Old Town Los Gatos Shopping Center. Thankfully, this one option is incredibly substantial, and downtown Los Gatos still has a lot to offer as well. This shopping hub has all the anchor stores that define upscale shopping conveniently grouped in an outdoor mall configuration: The Apple Store, Papyrus, White House Black Market, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware and a number of smaller boutiques. All in all, quite a selection for its proximity to a prominent neighborhood that wants no establishments within its borders.