Martens-Carmelita is a vibrant, eclectic coGetMedia.ashxmmunity full of homes built between 1930 and 1960. Condos are priced at median of $1,100,000 and homes are priced at a median of $1.4M. ┬áThe community is very insulated from surrounding communities, as the people who live in Martens-Carmelita respect privacy and have high ethical standards for each person living in the area. The schools that serve the area — St. Simon Catholic, Mountain View High, Graham Middle and Huff Elementary — all have high standards as well, and aim to produce the best students possible.

Residents like to shop at the Mountain View Shopping Center and Grant Park Plaza. Both of these centers are located next to each other and together make up a great hub of shopping. Stores, eateries and boutiques include Ocha Tea Cafe, Nob Hill Foods, 99 Ranch Market, Sweet Tomatoes, Lucky Chinese, New York Pizza, Walgreens, In-N-Out Burger, Starbucks, the Sandwich Spot and more.