Lowlanders is a small rectangular neighborhood in Sunnyvale which cimage14ontains Bishop Elementary. It is bordered by East Maude Avenue to the north, North Mathilda Avenue to the west, the Central Expressway to the south and North Fair Oaks Avenue to the east. Few neighborhoods in Sunnyvale are smaller, more private and more quaint than this one. Streets Include Shroeder, Jackson, Columbia Avenue, East Taylor Avenue, as well as Orchard, Stowell, Lastretto and America Avenues.

However, despite the charmingly small size of this community, residents are able to still enjoy the short walk to the elementary school located within the community, and to the Fair Oaks Park across East Maude Avenue. A basic park, it provides a green space, walking paths and baseball as well as softball fields. And though these features may seem ordinary, the Martin Murphy Historical Park across the Central Expressway, just down North Sunnyvale Avenue, provides another outlet for children in the area. Parents do note, however, that it is geared more for children under the age of five.

South off South Mathilda Avenue is the nearest hub of dining, and like other neighborhoods in the area it is focused on ethnic cuisine. Del Monte provides continental fare with a flare for the historic, with Dishdash dishes out homey middle eastern food in a busy cafe atmosphere; the Turmeric Restaurant offers the ever popular Indian buffet, and Thai Basil is a bright, happy place for southeast Asian eats. Furthermore, to enjoy some signifiant shopping, residents of Lowlanders only have to drive a short distance to East El Camino Real. Here, many service and product providers are lined up along either side of the route, but the most conveniently located shopping center is the West Valley Shopping Center. It features Radio Shack, Aaron Brothers, Big 5 Sporting Goods, and a variety of eateries like the Habit Burger Grill and Tacos Jalapa.