Los Altos

Los Altos — which means “foothill” or “the heights” in Spanish — is a beautiful tree-lined community incorporated in 1952. The names of many of its centers and other areas include the world “village” and certainly the community has a village-like feel. It’s located only 40 miles south of San Francisco aUnknownnd is anchored by seven small retail districts, the city itself only spanning seven square miles, though these miles are filled with churches, libraries, schools and many different types of small businesses.

After its incorporation, the city experienced its most significant boom period leading up to about 1980. Like much of the area in and around the Silicon Valley, Los Altos has its roots in agriculture, particularly the growing, harvesting and distribution of fruits like apricots. This city is distinctly zoned to keep residential areas private and safe, commercial areas related only to office parks, shopping centers and the downtown Los Altos area.

Speaking of the downtown area of Los Altos, it consists of six tree-lined streets. Here you’ll feel a great sense of community year-round as many activities are carried out that both bring the community together and provide a consistent source of entertainment. Furthermore, the downtown area is extremely well-rounded, containing salons, boutiques, cafes, two grocery stores, a veterinary hospital and even a hardware store.

Central Los Altos
Country Club
Loyola Corners
North Los Altos
Old Los Altos
South Los Altos