Jackson Park

Residents have only good things to say about Jackson Park, located between North Shoreline and Moffett Boulevards to the west and east, and then in between Jackson Park and Alma Street to the north and south. Yes, this is another community in Mountain View that has a park within it that gives the community its name. This park is separated into three unique sections: in the middle is grass, and to the right and left are playgrounds.

e96ec5b9-0ad6-4f32-93b9-7988959134fdThis community is small and very intimate, with many residents having children. Residents appreciate the proximity of the community to both the Stevens Creek Trail and downtown Mountain View, a popular spot for shopping, entertainment and dining. Boutique 4, Crazy Heart, Empire Vintage and Therapy are just a few of the clothing shops in downtown, while the downtown area also features home furnishing stores like Sigma, home improvement stores like Maston Architect and even Seascapes, a pet store.

This beautiful community is served by four public schools: Theuerkauf Elementary, Monta Loma Elementary, Mountain View High School and Crittenden Middle School. All of these schools require a short commute for attendance. However, besides this need for a car, residents like the walkability of the community — again, particularly in relation to downtown.