Glen Ridge

If residents of Glen Ridge in Los Gatos had to pick one distinguishing feature of their neighborhood, it would definitely be its natural beauty. Not only does this neighborhood set itself apart from Los Gatos in these terms, but virtually the rest of Silicon Valley as well. Quiet streets wind through a small hilly area, accented with large and immaculately kept historic homes. It’s near to town like other neighborhoods in the area, but the increased altitude of its positioning provides better views and certainly increased home values. Bachman Park is set within this neighborhood as well, the popular outdoor destination for neighborhoods around, offering the utmost in convenience for all residents, particularly children, to enjoy the playground, picnic tables, basketball courts and grassy expanses, or to simply walk along the path that lines the park’s creek.

Glen Ridge includes Wissahickon Avenue, Walnut Avenue, Palm Avenue, Alexander Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Hernandez Avenue, Apricot Lane, and Glenridge Avenue, of course, as well as Peralta antollhouse-pic1d Bachman Avenues. As you might expect, buying into this neighborhood is a pricey proposition. If your budget is not $3,000,000 at a minimum, you would do better looking elsewhere in the Los Gatos area — yes, this includes fixer-uppers in many cases. And amongst these incredible homes you’ll find the best of the best on Glenridge Drive, largely due to their views. If you are looking for a more affordable option in Glen Ridge, steep lots, small lots and narrow lots are your best bet, particularly if they are in the less popular areas of the neighborhood.

Glen Ridge would be nothing without prime location, however, and it delivers, being only steps away from downtown. All the nightlife, incredible dining and entertainment can be had with ease, while still enjoying the removed suburban feel that gives residents a haven to get away from it all. It is this “something for everyone” characteristic of Glen Ridge that truly makes it one of the best neighborhoods in which to live in all of the Silicon Valley — if you can find someone willing to sell and if you can meet their asking price, that is. Remember, the “ridge” in Glen Ridge is not just a name, it is truly an expansive ridge from which residents can view the entire area. Locations like this are few in far between to say the least.

Monte Sereno