Evergreen, San Jose

Homes in the Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose are listed at an average of $700,000, though the median sale price is less, in some cases much less. The neighborhood was named for the oak trees that, at one time, greatly populated the area. The area is still very beautiful however, filled with open green spaces and attractive foothills, with homes ranging from older, more affordable homes to large, multi-million-dollar estates. The Silver Creek Valley Country Club area, which is gated, easily ranks as the highest priced area of Evergreen. The boundaries of the Evergreen are created by the East Foothills, San Felipe Road to the south, Tully Road to the north and US Highway 101 to the west.

4155072288_3c6fff4a5fEvergreen backs right up to Joseph D. Grant Country Park to the east, which explains the prominence of foothills in the community. Residents of Evergreen are very lucky to have this enormous park in their back yard; in fact, it’s one of the largest available to any community in California. The communities that back up to foothills, and thus mountain ranges, are considered the most prized for obvious reasons — convenient access to the outdoors, scenic views and a lack of neighbors. This park spans 9,560 acres and is perfect for hikers, as well as equestrians, due to the extensive trail system spanning 52 miles, of which mountain bikers take great advantage as well (half of the trails allow bikes). Shaded picnic areas, family campsites, hot showers, several small ponds and one large lake, as well as fishings spots, are also available.

The wealth of this community is illustrated very clearly by the three country clubs in the area: Silver Creek Valley, the Ranch Golf Club and the Villages Golf & Country Club. The Ranch club offers the unique atmosphere of lakes, creeks, oak-lined paths and majestic views, a clubhouse, lounge, grill and of course a challenging game of golf that is also open to the public. The Villages Golf & Country Club is one of the best in northern California, a par 72, and is designed by Robert Muir Graves. The Silver Creek Country Club is nestled in the foothills of San Jose, is member only, offering golf and much more, such fine dining with an incredible view of the course.