East Los Gatos

East Los Gatos contains the majority of Los Gatos public and private schools, including Raymond J. Fisher Middle, Blossom Hill Elementary, Louise Van Meter Elementary and Los Gatos High School; not to mention, Carlton Avenue School, Union Middle, and Alta Vista Elementary. West Los Gatos contains Vascona Park and its enormous reservoir, as well as the Los Gatos Creek. These are the two primary distinctions between the two halves of Los Gatos. However, there are other differences.

West Los Gatos has the shopping and dining hub of Los Gatos, while East Los Gatos has its own hub oDocumentf shopping and dining along Los Gatos Boulevard. The eastern hub is very much what you would visit on a weeknight, while the western hub is where you shop, eat and play on the weekend. As a result, this makes East Los Gatos quieter, less ideal as far as location, and generally less expensive. Those who can’t afford the premium real estate of neighborhoods like Glen Ridge and Monte Sereno will find smaller, but still very high quality, homes in East Los Gatos.

The advantage of East Los Gatos is that it’s a lot easier to raise a family here in terms of convenience. The schools and a few great parks are located within its borders, making the area very walkable for children and parents alike. Head down Blossom Hill Road and you’ll hit every school for the development of your children — elementary, middle and high school. It truly does not get any more convenient than that, and parents love living in East Los Gatos when the stress of the workweek really starts to set in. Then, when the weekend comes, West Los Gatos is only seconds away. Also, the Good Samaritan Hospital is located in East Los Gatos, while West Los Gatos has no hospital; when an emergency occurs, not only can residents get proper care more quickly, ambulances are dispatched in less time.

Parks in East Los Gatos include Live Oak Manor Park and the neighboring Oak HIll Play Lot, which features two picnic tables and a playground. And, although more centrally located for the Belgatos neighborhood, the Belgatos Park and connected Heintz Open Space area are only a few blocks away. This is an enormous expanse of wooded area crisscrossed with paved paths, complete with a tennis court and clubhouse. The park stretches 17 acres and is popular with equestrians and bicyclists alike.

Monte Sereno