Downtown Los Gatos

Downtown Los Gatos is vibrant, fun and certainly upscale, making any surrounding neighborhoods instantly desirable and pricey to buy into. In return, residents get convenience, homes that increase in value and the feeling of being part of the heart of the city. Let’s be honest, you go into the downtown of any city for fun, to get away from your neighborhood, but what do you do when you actually live downtown? You obviously have different wants and needs in addition to the ability to go out on the town conveniently, most importantly the feeling of escape you get from a neighborhood outside of the downtown area. Fortunately, downtown Los Gatos delivers in all respects for interested buyersimages.

Downtown Los Gatos is the place to be if you’re looking to dine, shop or be entertained. Understandably, a younger set of buyers is attracted to downtown Los Gatos, while older buyers with children like to be somewhat more separated from the hustle and bustle of the city center. 1,954 homes make up the downtown neighborhood, and their occupants make a medium income of just over $100,000. You’re unlikely to find a home here for under $1,000,000, unless you are looking for a very small single-family home. Affordability, on the other hand, is accessible to those without the need to house a family, such as newly married couples. The historic and craftsman architecture of homes in the area is impeccable, drawing in the affluent and keeping home values on the rise.

What is available to everyone who buys into downtown Los Gatos, however, is incredible access to a lack of boredom. It’s difficult to put a price on being within walking distance of restaurants and drink establishments like Campo di Bocce, The Purple Onion Cafe, Forbes Mill Steakhouse, Three Degrees and the Los Gatos Brewing Company — the list goes on. When it comes to shopping, the list is long as well, with a dozen shopping centers spread out through downtown, history intermingling with the selection of a mall, boutiques and national-brand stores both available in ample amounts. At the same time, you won’t whittle your day down by trying to find a parking space.

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