Disclosure and Consent for Representation of More than One Buyer or Seller


A real estate Broker, may represent more than one buyer or seller provided that the Broker has made disclosure and the principal have given their consent.

Brokers may be working with many buyers and sellers at the same time. These prospective buyers may have an interest in, and make offers on, the same property. Brokers will not limit or restrict any buyer from making an offer on a particular property whether or not the Broker represents other buyers interested in the same property. A broker may also have multiple listings at the same time. Some properties attract more buyers than others, but it is the Broker’s responsibility to market all listed properties to all prospective buyers.

In the event of duel agency, seller and buyer agree that:

  1. Broker, without prior written consent of the buyer, will not disclose to the seller that the buyer is willing to pay a price greater than the offered price.
  2. Broker, without prior written consent of the seller, will not disclose to the buyer that the seller is willing to sell the property at a price less than the listing price.
  3. As a duel agent, we are obligated to disclose any material facts which may affect the value or desirability of the property to both parties.