congress springs

Congress Springs is a large neighborhood in Saratoga, starting just past the West Valley Freeway to the north and continuing down to the Saratoga Union School District Building in the south. To the west, the angled borders shortly pass Pierce Road, and to the east it moves as far as Glen Brae Drive. To its western side is Congress Springs Park, which features three baseball fields and a playground. Alongside this park runs Joe’s Trail at Saratoga de Anza, which was constructed over an entire decade, 1.4 miles long.

saratoga-caTo the west of the community is Saratoga High School, and to the southeast is Redwood Middle School. Private schools within the community, or just outside the community, include Primary Plus University, Saint Andrew’s Episcopal, and Sacred Heart Elementary. Another defining element of the community is the location of the Saratoga Community Library just outside the southeastern border of the community, which is also surrounded by Heritage Orchard, an orchard and museum which showcases the history of the area which was rooted in the growing and preparation and distribution of fruit, such as cherries, apricots and plums.

The best, and most convenient, shopping in Congress Springs is off South Saratoga Sunnyvale Road at the Saratoga Oaks Shopping Center. Here there is a Safeway for quick grocery shopping, a CVS for prescriptions, and a variety of eateries like Saratoga Bagels, Togo’s Sandwiches and Mountain Mike’s PIzza. There is also a Union Bank branch, the Big Basin Restaurant, and a Pet Food Express.

The area surrounding the Congress Springs community stands out for its decidedly non-commercial appeal. However, at the intersection of Prospect Road and South Saratoga Sunnyvale Road there are a number of other dining options, such as Kikusushi Japanese Restaurant, Layang Layang — a Malaysian eatery with a long menu, an IHOP location, the Chinjin Eastern House Restaurant and Fast Pizza, which cranks out creative pies at a rapid rate.