Community Center

The Adobe Meadow and Meadow Park neighborhoods, nestled just east of Middlefield Road between East Families enjoy Community Center because of its award winning schools, amenities and community services. Young professionals love this neighborhood because of its proximity to downtown Palo Alto. There are a number of venture businesses, design, start-ups. The 162 acre stretch of land knows as Rinconada Park, offers large community pool, playgrounds, picnic areas and tennis courts for families to come and spend the afternoon outdoors. Across the way is Palo Alto’s main library and the unique Palo Alto Art Center, which offers art education classes and professional exhibits. Down the road is the Lucie Stern Center, which serves as the town’s meeting place. There, they offer large and small event rooms for local community groups. The center also serves as the home of the Palo Alto Children’s library, the 78-year-old Palo Alto Children’s theatre, as well as local community theatres. Community Center is also home to the popular Junior Museum and Zoo.