Community Center

East El Camino Real runs past the Community Center in Sunnyvale, which extends from Sunnyvale Saratoga Road to the west, nearly to South Wolfe Road to the east, and from East Fremont Avenue up to Reed Avenue. This area is not the exact center of Sunnyvale, but rather the area surrounding the actual Community Center in Sunnyvale, which is part of the Heritage Park and museum.

The Heritage Park is split into northern and southern portions, of which the Sunnyvale Community Center is paglobal_18558408rt of the northern, or Upper Pond. Between the two portions are the Central Park Apartments. These apartments are just one unique feature of the community, and they are a great way to experience the community before purchasing a home within it. Most of the portion of land between the two pieces of Heritage Park is, however, dedicated to parking, which is of great relief to those familiar with limited parking situations in Sunnyvale.

Now, the Heritage Park is not the standard park you would envision if you are familiar with other communities in Sunnyvale. In fact, it is dedicated to the fruit industry, which bore Sunnyvale and many other communities in and around Silicon Valley during the early 1900s. Harvest equipment from the fruit boom of the area is on display, as is an extensive history of the fruit industry that began in the Valley; activities and events can be held at this park and museum as well.

Stratford Gardens, Sunny Arts and Gavello Glen flank Heritage Park community, which, besides the apartments in the area, consists of single family homes to the south of the park. Streets include Crescent Terrace, Puccini Drive, Offenbach Place, and Romberg Drive, artists and musicians being the common theme.