Cherry Chase

Cherry Chase provides easy access to the Stevens Creek Freeway and the Norman Y Mineta Highway via its northern and western borders; its southern boundary is marked by the Cherry Chase Elementary School, and its eastern border is formed by the edges of Sunnyvale West. Homes in Cherry Chase are beautiful and spacious.  Most of the homes and condos in the area have or two bedrooms, though some have as many as five-plus. slideshow-1

This community is unique, for one reason, because the Palo Alto Medical Foundation is located within it, offering vascular health care in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. It treats any condition that affects the blood vessels of the body, but in particular conditions of the brain, heart and kidneys. Most communities in Sunnyvale do not have their own hospital, much less a facility of specialization.

The other unique feature of this community is the outdoor spaces: Sylvan Park is the only one within the community, but next door in Mountain View is the Stevens Creek Trail. This incredible trail extends all the way up into the water of the Jogel Slough. In total it’s a 20-mile long expanse of water that starts in the Santa Cruz Mountains, specifically Black Mountain. At first the surroundings are made up of thick forestry characteristic of the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve; then it moves through Stevens Canyon, filling up Steven Creek Reservoir, before running through the urban areas of Silicon Valley and into San Francisco Bay. This trail leads into the much larger Bay Trail. Regarding Sylvan Park, it does not disappoint either, and it is a closer walk for residents of Cherry Chase than the Stevens Trail, featuring two tennis courts, extensive walking paths, wonderful greenery and a playground. Most of the best homes in the neighborhood are complete with pools and back up to this park.