Although Campbell — also known as “The Orchard City” — was not incorporated officially as a city until 1952, it was actually founded in 1851 when Benjamin Campbell purchased 160 acres upon which he planted grain and hay. After this land was sold in 1878, the Payne, Hyde and J.C. Ainsley canneries dominated the area and truly put it on the map. In 1952 Campbell became an official city with a population of 40,272 as of 2012, from humble beginnings as an area that contained 5,000 people. This history now blends with a progressive present to form a fun, family-friendly community in the West Valley of Santa Clara County. It spans 6.5 square miles between Monte Sereno and Saratoga, Los Gatos and San Jose.

imagesWhat are the demographics like overall in Campbell? Being part of Silicon Valley, Campbell is full of affluent, successful residents with high-level positions at leading firms. The median familiar income is approximately $97,000, while the average price of a single family home is $790,000. 44% of residents have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and the median age of residents is 39 with a family size of three persons.

However, it’s the bond of community members that makes a city strong, and that bond is evident in Campbell. Just a few of the community events in Campbell, CA include Relay For Life, community garage sales, as well as Oktoberfest and the accompanying 5k run/walk. Throughout the city community art is proudly put on display; for example, at the community center, “Apricot Walk” and “Memory Landscape” keep the roots of Campbell fresh in the minds of residents: “Apricot Walk” replicates apricots drying in trays, just as they did during Campbell’s fruit distribution heyday, and “Memory Landscape” depicts a fruit tree spread across three panels using thousands of small tiles.

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