Blossom Valley, San Jose

The Blossom Valley neighborhood of San Jose is small, located to the south of San Francisco Bay between Highway 85 and Interstate 280. If you are looking to live in the heart of Silicon Valley, this neighborhood could be absolutely ideal. It is not, however, easy to break into price-wise, though since the housing market crash prices have been more accessible. The boundaries of the neighborhood to the north and south are the West Capitol Expressway and Santa Terar137209058868733esa Boulevard approximately; and to the east and west the boundaries are Monterey Road and the Almaden Expressway.

One major way Blossom Valley stands out, besides being in the heart of the Silicon Valley, is its proximity to various nearby outdoor attractions. To the south are the Santa Teresa County Park, the Almaden Quicksilver County Park and the Calero County Park with adjoining Calero Reservoir, in addition to the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, Mount Thayer and Mount Umunhum. In fact, from the best views in Blossom Valley, residents can take in Mount Umunhum for themselves. Also just outside the borders of the neighborhood are three golf clubs: Boulder Ridge, Santa Tersa and Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, which is located right next to the Calero County Park. Then, within the community of Blossom Valley itself, there are several smaller parks, the hallmark of which is Martial Cottle Park, quite large and located in the center of the community. This trail-centric park was constructed in 2013 and opened in 2014

Outdoor spaces are not the only element that makes Blossom Valley family-friendly; schools in the area are all located nearby, and include a variety of public and private institutions. Public schools include Oak Grove High School, Pioneer High School, Gunderson High School and Communities Charter High School; Parkview Elementary, Rachel Carson Elementary, and John Muir Middle School, Dartmouth Middle School and Willow Glen Middle School.

When you want to go do something in the area — be it shopping, dinning or entertainment — you’ll likely find your establishment of choice on Blossom Hill Road. The options available are often family-oriented, casual and chain-based, such as Chili’s, Black Angus Steakhouse, the Cheesecake Factory, Marie Callender’s, Johnny Rocket’s and Subway. More upscale chain options for dining include P.F. Chang’s and California Pizza Kitchen. However, there are local dining choices like Le Bon, Thai Grata, and Armadillo Willy’s BBQ. When it’s time to shop, the Oakridge Mall can’t be beat due to its extensive selection of shops, and convenience to Blossom Valley residents. Stores range from Apple, to the Disney Store, to Francesca’s Gifts and Got Sleep?