Blossom Hill Manor

Walkability is key in Blossom Hill Manor. Who wants to drive when everything you want and need is just a step away? Los Gatos has so much to offer residents, and when you live in Blossom Hill Manor you’ll never expend much effort taking advantage of these offerings. Its borders are made up of Longwood, Los Gatos-Almaden Road, Los Gatos Boulevard and Blossom Hill Road. Most homes consist of single-family structures, though duplexes are also available for interested buyers. Some homes have gutters, curbs and sidewalks, while others don’t. The average square footage of hospringtime-a-50mes in Blossom Hill Manor is 2,200 square feet, while the average price per square foot is $660.00.

A big reason Blossom Hill Manor, or simply Blossom Manor, is popular with buyers is its close proximity to schools. Blossom Hill Elementary its located directly to the east of the neighborhood, Raymond J. Fisher Middle School just to its west and Los Gatos High School a short drive south. Besides this obvious benefit for parents in the area, the streets are tree-lined and beautiful, winding gently through the neighborhood which is punctuated with a few small hills. Yards are well-maintained as well, lending further to the highly attractive nature of the area.

Los Gatos Boulevard forms the eastern border of Blossom Hill Manor, and it is also the hub of shopping and dining for the area. Again, walkability is the best feature of this neighborhood. Residents have their pick of three different grocery stores within blocks — Whole Foods, Lunardi’s and Nob Hill — and, when looking for place to grab a bite, restaurants run the gamut from upscale, like Viva, to fast casual, like High Tech Burrito, to quick and convenient, such as the variety of fast food and Chinese takeout options.