Adobe Meadow/Meadow Park

The Adobe Meadow and Meadow Park neighborhoods, nestled just east of Middlefield Road between East Adobe Meadow/Meadow Park located just east of Middlefield Road between East Meadow Drive and Charleston Road, and divided by Adobe Creek. Over time is has garnered a reputation as Palo Alto’s “sleepiest” neighborhoods. Perusing the streets that branch from Louis Road, there is only one bridge which crosses the creek; the cyclists, dog walkers and playing children outnumber motorists. On a blustery day, salt from the nearby Baylands can be picked up in the air, and humming traffic noise is muffled by the rustling canopy overhead. Ramos Park, a 4.4-acre spread of grass, picnic tables, and play structures, still serves as a gathering place for families as well as the community.